Restoring Hope: Healing the Nation's 4th-Largest Metropolis After Harvey

07 September 2017
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Historic Hurricane Harvey made landfall along Texas’s Gulf Coast on August 25, 2017. Within 24 hours of the storm’s passage, several of us at Walter P Moore were on the ground evaluating flood damage to Houston’s major roadways, buildings, and infrastructure. As the country’s 4th largest city, Houston is home to 6.5 million people. Harvey’s effects have been felt citywide as an historical 9 trillion gallons of water fell on the city over the course of the storm, incapacitating vital access points in all major areas. While Houston and surrounding areas continue to feel the effects of Harvey, Walter P Moore continues to proactively tackle flooding issues, assess damage, and facilitate repair operations to help restore Houston to full function.

For help with affected buildings and infrastructure, contact our team leaders:

Gabriel Jimenez, PhD, MBA, PE, PEng, SE, FSEI

Daron Hester, PE

Mark Williams, PhD, PE, SE


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