View of lake at Houston Botanical Garden and Sims Bayou utilizing water resources engineering.

Water Resources Engineering

Managing the Flow

Water is the source of life, but when unharnessed can bring destruction. We help our clients gain control of this vital resource with intelligent, responsible solutions for water conservation, stormwater management, erosion mitigation, and flood protection.

Our Expertise

Urban growth constantly clashes with nature’s forces. Our engineers combine deep experience and leading technologies to solve the challenges. Using geographic information systems, radar-sourced rainfall data, and steady- / unsteady-state modeling of surface, channel, and pipe flow, we design solutions to protect people and property from flooding. Our team also provides emergency response services to help authorities secure sites, assess damages, and plan for repairs.

Floodplain Management

We collaborate with public and private clients to identify vulnerable areas, develop floodplain maps, educate citizens, protect infrastructure, prevent adverse impacts from new projects, and save lives. Our state-of-the-art tech includes a Floodplain Elevation Tool, which builds FEMA 10–500-year floodplain elevations, floodplain limit maps, stream cross sections, hydraulic models, and stream profiles from flood insurance studies.

Storm Water Services

We help communities manage and treat storm water in cost-effective and sustainable ways, so they can create vibrant built environments that efficiently and responsibly channel runoff to protect citizens, structures, and receiving streams. Our team employs the latest hydrology and hydraulic techniques, drainage studies, policy criteria, and design innovations to help urban areas thrive in harmony with nature.

Water Supply

Having the water we need to sustain life has quickly evolved from a pressing concern to a strategic imperative. Our team helps clients develop these strategies. We guide them as they face limited supply, climate change, competing use, political barriers, and rising regulatory requirements. Our ultimate focus is to secure reliable, efficiently managed water supplies that can meet increasing demands and serve future generations.

Dam Safety

Walter P Moore combines its intensive expertise in civil, structural, and water resources engineering to help clients ensure and enhance the integrity of their dams. Our guidance helps governments and operators meet the latest regulatory requirements and bring assurance to the public that land, property, and people near their dams are protected.

Flood Warning Systems

Our team helps governments and private organizations provide the public with flood information and alerts in real time. We gather live rainfall data during storms, allowing us to produce accurate estimates of water levels in streams and water crossings, so appropriate flood warnings can be disseminated quickly.

Floodplain elevation tool

To aid in urban development and flood risk evaluation, we developed a floodplain elevation tool that incorporates Harris County and City of Houston floodplain regulations. The tool features FEMA 10–500 year frequency floodplain elevations, stream flood profiles, mapped floodplain limits, stream cross sections, hydraulic models, elevations, and effective stream profiles from flood insurance studies. Viewing the tool requires a simple registration process.

Responding to Hurricane Harvey