Luis Buitrago


Practice Areas

With a focus on providing creative and efficient solutions, Luis aims to extend the service life of clients’ assets and assist in restoring structures after catastrophic events or structural failures. With over 15 years of experience, Luis specializes in the analysis and design of buildings, including performance-based seismic design, and has led numerous projects evaluating structures post-earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding for insurance companies and building owners. He has also implemented non-destructive testing (NDE) tools for condition assessments on various types of structures.


With nearly ten years dedicated to designing facilities for both private and government sectors in Panama, Luis is highly skilled in performance-based seismic design in Central America. His expert opinion is sought after in the field, reflecting his deep understanding and proficiency in structural engineering. He is also a licensed professional engineer in Panama, and as a native Panamanian, he is fluent in both English and Spanish.


M.S., Structural Engineering/Geotechnical Engineering, University of Arkansas
B.S., Civil Engineering, Technological University of Panama