View of the restored facade of Bethel Church Park at dusk.

Restoration & Renovation

New Life

Our team helps building owners and managers keep their properties modern, beautiful, safe, and serving the people who use them. We are passionate about transforming, preserving and extending the life of built environments.

Our Expertise

Our restoration and renovation experts know how to take buildings suffering from wear and tear, outdated elements, construction defects, and structural stress and refresh their vitality, utility, safety and resilience. We provide the full range of services, including testing, materials consulting, and construction administration to help our clients adapt their facilities for new uses, new requirements, new loads, new life.

Adaptive Reuse

We provide an array of services to help owners convert and repurpose their properties, from structural engineering to forensics. We are passionate about sustaining important built environments while transforming them to be more progressive, creative, functional and magnificent. We are especially adept at adapting architecturally significant buildings, preserving their character while carrying them into the future.

Bridge Assessment & Rehabilitation

Bridges take a bigger beating than most structures. By providing evaluation, materials testing and construction oversight, our experts help restore their integrity and extend their lives. Our solutions balance the outright need for public safety and structure longevity with attention to economy, schedule, and service continuity. We adhere to NBIS inspection standards and provide long-term performance monitoring.

Corrosion Mitigation

We provide evaluation services and system design to extend the life of bridges, parking garages, industrial facilities, marine structures, commercial buildings, condominiums and more. Evaluations include intensive visual inspections, nondestructive testing to detect unseen corrosion, and materials testing of the overlaying concrete. We then design repairs to restore integrity, increase durability, and reduce future corrosion.

Historic Preservation & Restoration

Our structural engineers, building envelope consultants, and material conservators have extensive experience assessing and repairing historic buildings, monuments, and landmarks. We bring a reverence for preserving heritage while updating structures to modern performance standards. We can handle everything from full restorations adhering to Secretary of Interior requirements to deferred maintenance solutions.

Materials Consulting

We provide the full range of services to evaluate materials in both historic and modern structures. Our expertise encompasses the mechanical properties and failure mechanisms in wood, concrete, steel, masonry, aluminum, natural stone and other building materials. Our consulting covers durability and lifecycle analysis, performance modeling, compatibility of adjacent materials, and historic materials conservation.

Nondestructive Evaluation

Our nondestructive techniques allow us to diagnose structure conditions and design the right remedial solutions. We use ground-penetrating radar, impulse response, impact echo, ultrasonic pulse velocity, and half-cell potential to detect defects, voids, reinforcement depth and spacing, connection integrity, and likely corrosion. Our experts work quickly with minimal structural or operational disruptions.

Peer Reviews

Clients consistently call us to take a diligent look at project designs, detailing, and construction documents to detect issues that can be resolved prior to breaking ground, thus avoiding overages and delays. Our experience with new design, rehabilitation, and previous failure investigations allows us to provide unbiased reviews for all structures, including those in disaster-prone areas and those tying into existing structures.

Structural Assessment & Strengthening

We help owners plan for the modification of buildings both new and old, from full repurposing to localized strengthening. Our engineers uncover potential structural impacts when new functions, new mechanical equipment, and new performance parameters are desired. Our evaluations determine if strengthening is required and what options exist to minimize disruption to existing operations.