Gaillard Center

Performance-Based Design

Performance Based Design (PBD) is a rational approach to the design of a new building or evaluation of an existing structure that often engenders superior results when compared to conventional code-prescribed design approaches.  With PBD the structural engineer works with the owner to identify specific structural performance objectives for serviceability and strength; the structure is then designed or evaluated to ensure compliance with the agreed objectives.  

For several years Walter P Moore has used PBD extensively to deal with extreme dynamic loadings due to earthquakes. More recently, we established industry leadership by adapting the PBD approach to the evaluation of buildings under extreme wind loading.  Ours is the first known application of PBD to buildings subjected to wind forces. See additional information on our seismic and wind resistant performance-based design experience.

We have broad experience in the design of buildings for appropriate performance under dynamic loadings of all types.  Our expertise in the areas of serviceability including deformations and perception to motion under dynamic loads is substantial, including the use of supplemental damping systems and passive energy dissipation. See additional information on our supplemental damping systems experience.     

Walter P Moore is committed to continue to find ways to bring value to our clients with more cost-efficient structures by utilizing state-of-the-art design approaches such as PBD.