1st Street Tower – Oceanwide Center


Project Size: 1.4 million square feet / 910 feet tall

Completion Date: 2021 

Sustainability: Pursuing LEED Platinum

1st Street Tower – Oceanwide Center

San Francisco

The San Francisco Oceanwide development includes a steel-framed tower on First Street. At 910 feet, this tower will be the second tallest building in San Francisco and will have 1.4 million square feet including hotel, residential and office space. Erection of the structural steel is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

Walter P Moore is working as the expert structural engineer of the dramatic multi-story exterior diagonal braces, as well as of the buckling-restrained braces in the building core. The exterior braces span up to seven stories, with both structural steel and buckling-restrained brace segments. They provide both the iconic exterior expression and the major resistance to San Francisco’s well-known seismic demands.

Walter P Moore developed innovative modeling of the brace behavior during earthquakes, incorporating data from the building analysis (performed by the Structural Engineer of Record for the tower). The resulting design is efficient and a successful element in service of an innovative structural system and a grand architectural vision.