Almeda Road Reconstruction


City of Houston


Length: 1 mile

Lanes: 6

Material: reinforced concrete / asphalt pavement

Almeda Road Reconstruction


Reconstruction of Almeda Road between S. MacGregor and Old Spanish Trail is necessary to improve vehicular and pedestrian mobility in the Texas Medical Center. As a pilot project for Low Impact Development by the City of Houston, this project will widen the roadway to accommodate future traffic demands, improve intersection geometry and efficiency, and provide a tree-lined dual purpose sidewalk for pedestrians and bicycles. The existing wide median was not maintained and impacted traffic flow at intersections. Instead of working with the current layout, we proposed the new roadway be constructed with a narrower median. Our alternate cross-section design will improve the traffic operations at signalized intersections and also provide additional green space and sidewalk area outside of the roadway. This change provides the necessary area for the construction of a dual-purpose pedestrian/bike path and storm water filtering systems.