Close up of a concrete pile, surrounded by steel support beams, pullies and cables.

I-269 Coldwater River Bridge Forensic Review and Litigation

Litigation support experts

Project Facts

Location Marshall County, Mississippi
Owner Simon, Peragine, Smith & Redfearn, LLP


When the Mississippi Department of Transportation began extending I-269 in Marshall County, lengthy and costly litigation was not part of the plan. When a lawsuit initiated by the design-builder threatened to derail progress, our team of experts was enlisted to assess allegations and evaluate the Engineer of Record’s standard of care. Utilizing our expertise in structural engineering and construction, we rigorously analyzed claims, produced expert reports, and offered testimony. Our role in mediating a resolution before arbitration underscores the significance of seasoned experts in navigating legal disputes and upholding project integrity.

About the project

A key aspect of the project involved constructing a bridge spanning the Coldwater River, stretching over 4,000 feet. Our team’s comprehensive geotechnical studies revealed significant soil variability overlooked in the initial project information. Unfortunately, these conditions were not adequately considered by the design-builder during the final design before construction began. Consequently, the contractor encountered challenges during pile foundation installation.

Upon project completion, the design-builder filed a lawsuit, citing errors in both proposal and construction designs, resulting in monetary and schedule setbacks.

Thanks to our meticulous reporting and contributions, the project swiftly regained momentum with an early resolution during mediation. Our team of seasoned experts proved critical in resolving legal disputes and upholding project integrity, saving the client valuable time and money.