ATL Consolidated Rental Car Center


City of Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport


Size / Garage: 2.8 million SF / 4 levels

Size / Customer Service Center: 140,000 SF

Parking: 8,700 Spaces

Architect: PGAL

ATL Consolidated Rental Car Center


The largest consolidated rental car facility in operation today, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Center (ATL ConRac) is located on 67 acres directly adjacent to the airport. The twin post-tensioned concrete garages have 60-foot x 60-foot bays and feature four pairs of stacked external speed ramps, segregating customer and employee traffic. 

The fourth largest rental car market in the country with 2 million patrons, the ATL ConRac was designed to isolate customer and shuttle bus traffic away from the airport. Rental car patrons enjoy a 5 minute ride on an above-grade people mover across I-85, through the Georgia International Convention Center and International Terminal before arriving at the ATL ConRac. Patrons enter the Rental Care Customer Service Center (CSC) where there are 12 rental car agencies. The CSC is flanked by two garages and connected by seven long-span pedestrian bridges. Also, there is an 80,000 square foot Quick Turnaround facility that accommodates back of house services for the agencies to maintain their fleet.