Columbus Land Port of Entry


General Services Administration (GSA) Region 7


Completion Date

Construction Cost
$67.9 million

Project Size
58,000 SF

LEED Platinum

Columbus Land Port of Entry

New Mexico

In operation since 1989, the Columbus Land Port of Entry is a bustling full-service border crossing that hugs the New Mexico and Mexican borders. This port screens pedestrians, privately-owned vehicles, and commercial vehicles.  Multiple traffic flow assessments of the original design found that inspections and circulation were being impeded by the increased traffic flow. These delays were only expected to increase over the following fifteen years. The aging facility was also found to inadequately support the functional needs and advances in technology of the modern inspection process. 

At the time, the government of Mexico was upgrading their facility as well and had opted to relocate their site southeast of the original location. This decision was in response to multiple occurrences of flood damage to both the Mexican and US ports. However, the move then required a bypass road which was completed before the US port began construction.   

It was critical that the original facility remain operational during all phases of construction. Once the new facility was operational, the 4.5-acre port was demolished as part of the project scope. The new site spans approximately 14.7-acres and includes a main structure, vehicle inspection canopies and processing areas, kennels, an illegal substance vault, commercial buildings and booths, parking areas and addresses the site drainage problem.