Courthouse Curtain Wall & Fenestration System Investigation


GSA Region 6


Enclosure Consulting
Rope Access Assessment
Water Testing
Infrared Thermographic Imaging

Courthouse Curtain Wall & Fenestration System Investigation

Kansas City

In response to management reports of severe water infiltration at the Whittaker Courthouse, Walter P Moore conducted a thorough assessment of the curtain wall and exterior fenestrations that included interior observation, infrared thermography, water testing on selected areas, and a visual assessment of exterior storefronts and the south skylight.

Additionally, our team performed an extensive study of the building’s exterior after water-staining inside the building indicated several points of water infiltration. Special attention was paid to the north and south curtain walls, as well as the east and west punched and slot windows. Through a series of drops via rope access, Walter P Moore discovered a number of failures in the window system, including missing fasteners, weathered sealants, gaps in exterior gaskets, metal panel gaps in fin locations, and improperly joined metal panels.

During water testing, the team examined an area known for extensive leaking. We found that water was infiltrating through a crack in the precast panel and through all structural sealant assemblies. Similarly, the team pinpointed several fenestration assemblies and perimeters with air exfiltration and/or thermal bridging.