The facade of University of Virginia University Health Center Expansion at dusk.

Enclosure Diagnostics

All enveloping

Before an enclosure design is finalized, it should be analyzed. Our diagnostics team develops solutions for both new construction and restoration projects to ensure the building envelope is perfected and interiors are protected.

Our Expertise

Applying their keen acumen in building science, detailing, roofing, waterproofing, and systems testing, our diagnostics engineers help clients protect their investments with high-performing enclosures that last. From our assessments, we develop recommendations for new designs, restorations, and building reuse strategies that are sustainable, maintainable, energy-efficient, durable, and attractive.

Façade Assessment, Repair, Recladding

Façades must control water, air, vapor, and heat transfer between the exterior and interior. They should also be beautiful. Our façade experts address all factors, so buildings are designed and constructed to be high performing and highly appealing. When non-destructive testing, observations, and exploratory openings reveal needed repairs and recladding, we employ advanced modeling to design the right solutions. We also provide additional expertise to ensure proper installation.

Performance Modeling

We use the latest simulation tools to measure and predict building envelope performance. Our models factor in building geometry, siting, solar exposure, thermal performance, acoustics, end use, and lifecycle costs. Working across multidisciplinary teams, we evaluate various designs, compare the energy efficiency of each, and provide recommendations to build for optimal performance.

Roofing and Waterproofing

Our team diagnoses and recommends remedies for the full range of water infiltration issues, from the top of the roof to the deepest below-grade levels. We’re experienced in all roofing configurations and materials, from low-slope systems of EPDM, PVC, TPO, modified bitumen, built-up, fluid-applied, and standing-seam metal, to steep-slope systems of metal, standing-seam, tile, slate, asphalt shingle, and wood.