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Johnson County Criminalistics Laboratory

Reimagining sustainability through functional design

Project Facts

Location Olathe, Kansas
Owner Johnson County, Kansas
Size 63,000 SF
Cost $21 million
Status Completed 2012
Certifications LEED Platinum


In a major leap forward for investigative forensic research, the Johnson County Criminalistics Laboratory stands on the cutting edge of sustainable design. This naturally lit facility houses offices, conference rooms, and communal spaces. Innovative eco-friendly elements such as heat recovery, high-efficiency mechanical systems, and resource-conserving technologies serve as a model of sustainability not only for the criminal justice community but beyond.

About the project

Through ground-breaking design, the new Johnson County Criminalistics Laboratory sets a new standard in eco-conscious construction. The facility provides county law enforcement with specialized forensic research laboratories and a collaborative, interdisciplinary workspace for investigators. Walter P Moore’s structural design services realized this groundbreaking vision while achieving a significant reduction in ecological footprint.

Pioneering developments in sustainable technology systems are at the heart of the design, including an advanced heat recovery and thermal energy recycling system, a high-efficiency energy consumption system that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, and a seamlessly integrated water conservation system. Natural lighting is maximized throughout the spacious laboratory through intentional design, while low-flow fume hoods and a demand-based ventilation system enhance resource conservation and air quality. This cutting-edge laboratory establishes an unprecedented benchmark in sustainable design.