NASA Kennedy Space Center Modernization


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Construction Cost: $72 million
Completion Date: 2020
Project Size: 190,000 SF
Sustainability: LEED Platinum®

NASA Kennedy Space Center Modernization

Cape Canaveral

Making use of the existing space center property, NASA dedicated funding to transform it into a modern spaceport for the government and commercial rocket launches. The project scope includes building a new headquarters complex (pictured above) to replace the existing 50-year old buildings, roads, bridges, and launch pads.

This major program modernization is a 10-year, six-phase project. It included demolition of 900,000 square feet of office and lab space and replaced it with 450,000 square feet of new buildings. It was determined it was more cost-efficient to build new facilities rather than retrofit existing structures.

Construction based upon today’s building standards allows for the reduction in energy and maintenance costs.

NASA’s plans include new labs to allow for better research and experiments in space travel, resulting in potentially more government contracts for commercial space contractors. In addition, it provides the chance for commercial space contractors to relocate to Central Florida, increasing jobs and boosting the local economy.