Superhangar Roof Study and Design


City of Kansas City, Missouri


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Superhangar Roof Study and Design

Kansas City

The Superhangar at the Kansas City International Airport is used for the storage, maintenance, and repair of aircraft. Walter P Moore performed a condition assessment and study of the existing roofing and roof structural conditions and a preliminary design for repair options for Superhangar structure at the Kansas City International Airport. The roof structure is a unique architectural/structural design with parabolic and arch shapes and was originally covered with a spray foam roofing system. The assessment included observations of waterproofing condition, water infiltration, and structural deficiencies inside and outside the roof.

In addition to overall roofing/roof structure observations, field sampling and evaluation testing of concrete materials were performed. The summary report includes all observations, material testing results, repair recommendations, and opinion of probable construction costs.

Walter P Moore prepared construction documents for partial roof replacement of various roof pods.