Tower Financial Center


Desarrollo Bahia


Size: 110,000 square meters

Height: 56 stories / 206 meters

Tower Financial Center

Panama City

Sometimes being observant in the right place at the right time pays dividends. When a senior Walter P Moore engineer was meeting with a Panamanian developer on an unrelated project, he noticed the construction activity across the street of the 56-story tower that had reached its 24th floor. Based on his tall building design experience, our engineer could see fundamental problems with the structural design. After pointing these out, the developer hired us on the spot to improve the design of the tower. Immediately. We eliminated unnecessary structural elements for the remaining levels of the structure, freeing up leasable space. This more efficient design allowed the developer to achieve his programmatic goals while eliminating three floors from the original design, leading to a savings of over $1.25 million for the developer. 

Tower Financial Center was built in the heart of Panama’s financial district and primarily houses government and financial offices. The tower — with its center spire signaling Panama’s financial strength to the world — is an iconic beacon amidst Panama City’s skyline.