Front of the United States Courthouse in Alpine, Texas.

United States Courthouse

Using structural engineering to enhance security.

Project Facts

Location Alpine, Texas
Owner Amelang Partners, Inc.
Size 35,000 SF
Cost $14 million
Status Completed 2007


The United States Courthouse in Alpine, TX had inherent security factors to take into account during its build. That’s why Walter P Moore provided structural engineering guidance on this design-build project to make sure it could resist blast and ballistic threats.

Landscape view of the whole United States Courthouse building in Alpine, Texas.

About the project

When architects Page Southerland Page and Larry Speck began planning the United States Courthouse building in Alpine, TX, they needed to align with structural engineering experts to incorporate the necessary security needed for a government building. The project was structured as a design-build and all plans needed to be run by the owner who leases the facility to the General Services Administration.

Walter P Moore knew the facility met ISC “Medium” Level criteria and had a Department of Justice Vulnerability Assessment Level of IV. So they advised that the design-build team use steel construction, integrated progressive collapse requirements, structural hardening to resist blast and ballistic threats, as well as a plan to set the building back a minimum of 50 feet from a secure perimeter.
View of the landscaping around the security perimeter of the United States Courthouse in Alpine, TX.


General Services Administration - Excellence in Federal Design Award - 2008