United States Courthouse


U.S. General Services Administration - Region 7 (Greater Southwest - AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)


Completion Date 

Construction Cost
$13 million

Project Size
38,600 SF

United States Courthouse


The United States Courthouse in Plano, TX is a one-story structure set back a minimum of 50 feet from a secure perimeter. The structural system was designed to meet medium protection level requirements for blast resistance as specified in the “ISC Security Design Criteria for New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects” (ISC, 2001/2004), and the “Interagency Security Committee Security Standards for Leased Space” criteria (ISC, 2004). These criteria restrict blast induced response to moderate repairable damage with reusable structural framing. The structural frame was designed to mitigate progressive collapse potential using methods specified in the GSA “Progressive Collapse Analysis and Design Guidelines for New Federal Office Building and Major Modernization Projects”. 

A steel framed superstructure with bay spacing ranging from approximately 25’-0” to 40’-0” on center steel columns was used. Reinforced concrete tilt-up panels provide the gravity load bearing around the perimeter of the structure. The roofs were constructed of 1 ½” galvanized roof deck primarily supported on open web steel joists and steel wide flange beams and girders.  

The resistance to lateral loads imposed on the structure was provided by the overturning resistance of the tilt-up panels. The perimeter of the structure was designed to resist forces imposed upon the perimeter enclosure due to blast.