Allen Parkway roadway renovation and pedestrian walkway improvements.

Civil Engineering

Laying the Groundwork

We engineer modern infrastructure projects that improve communities for their citizens. Our civil experts solve the complex and evolving challenges facing population centers to advance our societies.

Our Expertise

Civil engineering shapes the world as we know it. Our civil engineering team strives to be an integral part of the efforts to not only shape the world but improve it. Partnering with architects, engineers, builders, developers, and all those who contribute to design the spaces where we live, we seek to be a key part of the team helping our clients realize their vision. We deliver timely and innovative solutions that facilitate successful projects in areas such as property due diligence, master planning, site development, and major infrastructure improvements. 


Landforms are created and continually altered by the forces of nature. Our expert understanding of this phenomenon allows us to work with others to protect and enhance the area around us. Whether controlling erosion, developing new drainage ways, or addressing the safety of a steep earthen embankments, we use our knowledge of geomorphology and nature to effectively stabilize vulnerable areas.

Land Development

Converting land from its existing state to create a new development requires a solid understanding of the rules, codes, and guidelines pertaining to the new development. We help developers assess the land for its intended use, create a master plan for orderly and effective development, design the supporting infrastructure, and help develop best practices to sustain it. We provide detailed analyses of infrastructure systems and work effectively with other agencies, planners, and design professionals to bring the developer’s vision to life.

Master Planning

An informed and future-focused plan is the foundation for every development’s success. Our civil engineering team collaborates with other planning professionals to create plans that establish the groundwork for successful developments. Our plans address phasing, initial critical infrastructure investment, flexibility to improve future outcomes, and information that aids in cost controls. We create infrastructure master plans that accommodate traffic, provide effective drainage, service the community with water and wastewater services, and support the public and common spaces.

Roadway Design

We help growing cities travel smoothly and serve their citizens with better connectivity, less congestion, and lower stress. Public and private clients call on our expertise in traffic control, bridges, drainage, green infrastructure, and master planning to engineer new thoroughfares and upgrade failing roadway systems. We bring advanced visualization tools, clash detection technology, and decades of experience to every project.

Site Development

We collaborate with architects, landscape architects, and other consultants to ensure our site development design achieves our client’s goals. We analyze all elements critical to successful site development, including traffic and roadway access, floodplain, drainage, environmental impacts, utility availability, and regulatory approval. Our team brings expertise in assessment, planning, design, permitting, and sustainability to help projects succeed.

Utility System Design

The utility infrastructure that provides water, power, communication, drainage, and electronic data forms a complicated network below the surface, and finding pathways for these services can be challenging. We plan and design municipal stormwater, wastewater, and water supply systems. We also coordinate with franchise utility companies to design their electrical, gas, communications, and data utility systems. Our team is known for its expertise designing complex systems that can be constructed efficiently saving money and time.

Infrastructure Litigation

Leveraging extensive insurance expertise, our seasoned professionals specialize in property loss and catastrophic (CAT) event response. Our expert engineers adeptly navigate insurance processes, efficiently report findings, and expedite the claims and litigation process. Whether addressing water intrusion, construction defects, or catastrophic losses, our experts conduct thorough site reviews, develop strategic cases, and offer forensic services. Our 24/7 emergency response ensures swift risk mitigation and practical solutions for rapid business resumption.