Walter P Moore Releases Interactive Floodplain Elevation Tool

Walter P Moore Releases Interactive Floodplain Elevation Tool

August 23, 2018

Having experienced several major flooding events in recent years, residents of the Greater Houston area find themselves questioning, “What exactly is my potential flood risk?”

The Walter P Moore Water Resources Engineering and Application Development groups teamed up to develop and release an innovation that will provide some answers: the Floodplain Elevation Tool.

This is an interactive tool designed to provide FEMA 10-, 50-, 100-, and 500-year frequency floodplain elevations and stream flood profiles within the watersheds of Harris County and the City of Houston. Useful when planning urban development and evaluating flood risk, this tool also incorporates the new Harris County and City of Houston floodplain regulations.


• Navigate a web-based map and see the FEMA-mapped floodplain limits.

• View stream cross sections from hydraulic models used to create the FEMA floodplain maps.

• Click on a cross section line to show different flood elevations, including the 10% (10-year), 2% (50-year), 1% (100-year), and 0.2% (500-year).

• View the effective stream profile from the Flood Insurance Study.

Visit on Google Chrome for optimal viewing and complete the simple registration process. Contact Jamila Johnson at 713-394-5721 or by email to discuss the website, the new Harris County and City of Houston floodplain regulations, or any flood risk management issue.