Worst-Case Scenario: Resilient Design Weathers the Storm

Worst-Case Scenario: Resilient Design Weathers the Storm

May 26, 2017
UT flood control berm-wall-stairs

Well, it's here again: Storm/Flood/Hurricane Season.

And for those of us in low-lying, coastal areas or located anywhere in or near tornado alley, that could mean catastrophe. While we can't control Mother Nature, we can certainly take measures to lessen the damages.

In this MooreWise brief, Charlie Penland and Doug Coenen discuss resilient design strategies for strengthening critical structures and infrastructure to better weather these major storms.

Whether considering sea level rise in coastal areas, extreme wind events due to hurricanes and tornados, earthquakes, or any other environmental factor, it is important that we evaluate both the structure and its environment to determine the proper mix of hardening vs. adaptability measures. After all, resiliency is not about creating bunker-like structures, but creating an environment that is survivable and able to continue to perform after the disaster.

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