Community Involvement

The people of Walter P Moore live in a lot of communities. We work in far more. We speak many languages and have a multitude of interests. But we have one voice, the voice of engagement with the communities in which we live and work. We are habituated to making things happen across a wide spectrum. So we pitch in where we see a need.

If ever there was a profession meant to get involved with community, ours is it. How else could we understand all of the possibilities that we’re trained to turn into realities? Personal participation in the world is the life-work connection for us. And it’s ingrained throughout the company.

That participation happens in many ways, all voluntary: funding, mentoring, training, building, repairing, facilitating. Some of our actions are long term, some spontaneous, based upon unique situations and events. Our efforts can be large-scale or intimate, local to global. They simply must have value to the larger community. They involve us with professional organizations, healthcare providers and associations, research and educational foundations, neighborhood and business associations, civic groups, cultural organizations, and sports and athletic programs.

This much we know, the more we give, the more we learn–about working together, bridging cultures, spreading knowledge, sharing Ideas, solving problems, strengthening community—of all kinds—and just having a great time.