Community Involvement

Aeries view of a community event focused on breast cancer awareness on Allen Parkway in Houston, Texas.

Built environments that build communities

At our core, we help our clients create exceptional experiences for the people who interact with their developments. Still, we always see a greater purpose that extends beyond the project itself. We are dedicated to advancing the communities that surround our many works and our operations.

A group of people in a small raft with paddles float down the middle of a flooded street.

Our people and firm rallied to those in need during local storms that caused major flooding.

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When major community developments take place, we are often invited to the ribbon cutting ceremonies.

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Our employees are active and participate in events that raise awareness and build community.

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Serving a greater good

Communities are shared spaces. It’s only right that we do our part to uplift them. Our people offer their expertise, time and money to mentor, train and serve our neighbors in any way we can. This includes being active in professional, civic and community organizations.