Walter P Moore asks you to…  CHALLENGE US

Corporations. Institutions. Government. Entrepreneurs. Consultants. All face rising pressures in an industry warped by speed, design complexity, finite resources, and a vulnerable planet. The people of Walter P Moore are Driven by the Challenge. We respond based on five coordinates:

passion, expertise, performance [PEP] Our engineers, scientists, and managers bring passion and specialized expertise to tackle our client’s challenges. Our culture of career-long learning keeps us fit and ready for new opportunities. Every team member is accountable to perform individually and collectively, every time.

teamwork integrates knowledge [TIK] Teamwork trumps complexity by the sheer might of fused brainpower. Teams are engines. They do more, faster, with less. Broad sharing of knowledge helps us be the experts our clients need us to be. Success results where knowledge, clients, and teams coalesce.    

innovation not optional [INO] Innovation happens in big and small ways. We view it as the norm, not the exception — or even as exceptional. New materials, new technology, new thinking, and new processes all widen entry points to innovation. So do fresh views of the familiar. There’s no accidental innovation. Just preparation, incubation, action.

extraordinary client experience [ECX] We believe that each client deserves an extraordinary experience on every project. Each team member is committed to provide it with shared urgency, enthusiastic creativity, acute focus, unquestioned dependability, clear communications, and proactive problem avoidance.                                                       

stewardship [HIP] As stewards we honor critical assets like people, nature, time, money, and the built environment. We accept responsibility—individually and as a company—for the near and long-term results of our engineering. Our stewardship leads. It embodies ownership, embraces community, is personally accountable, and respects social conscience.


VISION  //  Lead the industry in engineering excellence, client service, and learning.


MISSION  //  Develop distinctive engineering solutions that meet the needs of our clients.



  1. Providing quality service
  2. Maintaining our integrity, honesty and public trust
  3. Recruiting, developing and retaining qualified personnel
  4. Leading our industry through engineering excellence