Blair Hanuschak

Blair Hanuschak

Blair Hanuschak, PE

Executive Director

A Managing Principal and Walter P Moore's global aviation practice leader, Blair assumed the Executive Directorship of the firm's Structures Group in 2019, succeeding the inimitable Lee Slade, who led the group for 18 years. The Structures Group spans 16 U.S. offices and four international locations and encompasses specialty groups in structural engineering, façade engineering, parking services, secure design, and construction engineering. Blair also captains an executive suite of structural leaders, which includes Senior Principals Mark Larsen (Operations Director), Viral Patel (Director of Design), and Mashari Nassar (Client Director).

Since joining Walter P Moore in 1992, Blair has spent his entire career at the firm, earning many distinguished accolades and founding the firm's Washington, D.C. office in 2008—a key office opening for Walter P Moore. Instrumental in establishing the firm as a leader in airport design, Blair is a globally recognized expert in aviation structures and has led the firm's dynamic aviation practice for two decades. Blair has served as a Regional and Managing Director for Structures and continues to serve as the firm's global aviation practice leader and now the Executive Director of Structures.

Heavily inspired by his father, also a structural engineer, Blair is passionate about engineering because of its ability to improve people’s lives. Having designed and delivered projects for large airports, healthcare systems, and public assembly venues, he is one of few structural engineers in the country to have spent 20+ years focusing primarily on the airport market.

Blair is a registered professional engineer in the District of Columbia and Georgia, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of South Florida.

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Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
As ASCE Student Chapter President at the University of South Florida, I invited Ray Messer to speak; very impressed by him and the type of projects the firm did.
If you had to choose a different career, what would it be?
…professional golfer
Who or what inspires you?
My father, a structural engineer — his work ethic, commitment to problem-solving, and compassion and care for the people he works for
What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
…walking into an airport terminal or stadium or hospital and seeing how something we’ve designed and built has improved the lives of people using it.


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