Diverse Team, Inclusive Environment

Walter P Moore’s collective ambitions, navigated by the firm’s high-level strategies, are driven by diverse teams collaborating within an inclusive environment. When our people are free to present their authentic selves and thrive, they deliver innovative, thorough, and economically-sound solutions for our communities, the built environment, and clients. Our Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives fosters the desired inclusive and just environment within our firm. Our DEI Council champions policies, training, and the investment of resources, fostering initiatives that push for continued development within the firm.

DEI Council Co-Chairs

Industry Recognition


Our Commitment

Our society has a long way to go to achieve true equality. We as a company will work to do our part, being intolerant of prejudice, and seeking to provide opportunities for talented individuals regardless of their background or the color of their skin.

DEI is a part of our firm’s past, present, and future. The active implementation of inclusion strategies yields results:

  • Superior talent
  • Extraordinary employee experiences
  • Extraordinary client experiences
  • Higher levels of creativity and innovation
  • Strong history with M/W/DBE partners
  • Team – 36% non-white members
  • Board of Directors – 44% women / minorities
  • C-suite – 50% women / minorities
  • Below Age 35 – 50% are women
  • We serve diverse clients