Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

Minor performance failures to catastrophic structural collapse.

What do you do when a structures fails? Let us help you sort it out. Walter P Moore provides forensic services to identify and determine the cause(s) of failure, assess structural stability, provide repair solutions, conduct peer reviews, and provide technical consulting for complex projects during and after construction.

From hurricanes, floods, hailstorms, and tornadoes to fires, sinkholes, and earthquakes, our Catastrophic (CAT) Event Consultants are ready to deploy worldwide to help with projects large and small.

Forensics Leadership

Matthew Pavelchak
Principal / Diagnostics


Daniel Orlich
Principal / Diagnostics


+ Moore Forensic Experts

We help clients move forward after a failure event by minimizing risk and preventing further damage(s). Across our forensic practice, we identify and develop practical solutions, so our clients can get back to work.


We know insurance! And we get that it’s a process.

Our experts have spent years working on property loss matters and responding to CAT Events worldwide. Our in-house consultants understand how to work with insurance carriers and vendors of all types and how to report findings to expedite the claims process.

We work with some of the largest corporations in the world from stadium owners to building managers, so we understand that it’s key to get a facility back up a running as soon as possible.

Sometimes you need an expert to make your case.

When we visit incident sites, we perform a comprehensive review of available documentation to get to the root cause and develop a strategy for presenting the case professionally and ethically.

Our experts can help you review:

  • water intrusion issues
  • construction defects
  • building enclosure failures
  • foundation failures
  • garage defects
  • framing problems
  • flood damage and analysis
  • geotechnical failures
  • roof and building collapse
  • material failure
  • performance defects
  • corrosion issues

Buildings respond to the frequency of their surroundings: human activity, mechanical systems, or ground-borne vibrations like earthquakes. Sometimes, this interferes with sensitive equipment, unnerves occupants, and damages the structure.

We can solve your vibration issues with expert diagnostics testing and mitigation design.

Our vibration services include:

  • source detection
  • feasibility studies
  • isolation systems design
  • construction vibration measurement
  • demolition vibration monitoring

We can help you respond to any emergency, any time: 24/7.

We’ve covered disasters that run the gamut:

  • construction collapse
  • explosions
  • earthquakes
  • fires
  • storms
  • floods
  • hurricanes
  • tornadoes

Within hours of a CAT event, whether man-made or weather-related, Walter P Moore’s engineering experts mobilize to conduct damage surveys and develop report findings as soon as possible. As part of our pre-loss services, we review property portfolios to identify areas of potential exposure to water damage, structural failure, or collapse.

Failures in the built environment can be sudden and catastrophic or occur slowly over time.

Our expertise in materials, analysis, design, building science, and structural performance allows us to evaluate a broad range of failures and the impact on existing operations. Then, we can design appropriate repair details to address the issues and prevent additional damage. To make our analysis crystal-clear, our visual communication team can demonstrate the exact cause(s) by using 2-D sketches, 3-D models, animations, and video.

Buildings catch fire. It’s unfortunate when it happens, and it happens all too often. Even after the smoke clears, the structural damage may not be easy to spot, but it’s there.

We can help you quickly evaluate the nature and extent of fire damage and next steps to recovery. Our extensive experience evaluating fire-damaged structures, in-house testing capabilities, and existing relationships with materials testing laboratories allow us to quickly design repair alternatives to restore structural capacity.