#FunFact: 'Civil'-izing Walter P Moore

#FunFact: 'Civil'-izing Walter P Moore

March 10, 2016
Walter P Moore Civil Engineering

That’s right. We haven’t always offered civil engineering, but we have for a LONG time. Since 1973, which — if you were around then (or even if you weren’t and just like looking back through the history books) — looked a little something like this:


  • Richard Nixon is President.
  • Watergate hearings begin.
  • Ruling on Roe v. Wade.
  • U.S. ends its involvement in the Vietnam War.
  • An oil embargo triggers the 1973 energy crisis.


  • Population: 211,908,788
  • Life expectancy: 71.4 years
  • Average cost of new house: $32,500
  • Average annual income: $12,900 
  • Cost of a gallon of gas: 40 cents 
  • Cost of a dozen eggs: 45 cents
  • Cost of a first-class stamp: 8 cents
  • Academy Award, Best Picture: The Godfather
  • American rock band Aerosmith releases their debut album.


  • Super Bowl VII: Miami d. Washington (14-7)
  • World Series: Oakland A's d. NY Mets (4-3)
  • Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens d. Chicago Blackhawks (4-2)
  • Battle of the Sexes: Billie Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs in a televised tennis match at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. (With an attendance of 30,492, this remains the largest live audience ever to see a tennis match in U.S. history. Televised in 36 countries, the global audience was estimated at 90 million).


  • Skylab, the first American space station, is launched.
  • The first handheld mobile phone call is made by Martin Cooper of Motorola.
  • Federal Express officially begins operations, delivering 186 packages.
  • A patent for the ATM is granted.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, the technology behind MRI scanning, is developed.

Architecture, Engineering, Construction

  • The Sydney Opera House officially opens after 14 years of construction.
  • The World Trade Center (1973-2001) officially opens (April 4) in New York City, only to be overtaken as the world’s tallest building* less than a month later by the Sears Tower.
  • The Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in Chicago finishes (May 3), becoming the world's tallest building (held until 1998, when it was overtaken by the Petronas Towers in Malaysia).
  • Walter P Moore forms subsidiary Turner Moore Cummins Zimmerman to provide civil engineering services.

* The World Trade Center is recorded as the world’s tallest building from 1971 (when the 2nd tower topped out) to 1973. It was preceded by the Empire State Building.