Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) save time, money and lives. We’re proud to be a regional leader in the development, design and integration of ITS technologies and solutions. Our experience includes freeway and arterial management systems, tolling systems, traveler information, incident management, control center design and operations, video surveillance, communications engineering, systems engineering, systems integration and software development.

We are very proficient at developing integrated, operable, maintainable, cost-conscience and sustainable systems for public sector clients who need to optimize their capital improvement investments. Our public agency clients include departments of transportation, numerous cities and counties, airports, and public transportation entities. Walter P Moore’s strength is in serving our clients as if we were members of their staff.

Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS)
Our team has planned, developed, designed and integrated dozens of ATMS including freeway and arterial management systems, electronic toll collection systems, integrated signalization, video surveillance, vehicle detection, incident management, motorist information, HOV and managed lanes, and automated parking guidance and space availability systems.

Communications Engineering
With over 30 years of experience designing road-side communications networks, we are expert analysts and designers of a variety of wireline and wireless technologies including Serial, T1, SONET, ATM, and Ethernet. We have developed regional and local network architectures and communications standards and performed our own wireless analyses (line-of-sight, frequency analysis, radio path survey, and radio design).

Control Center Design and Operations
We offer a full range of traffic management and operations centers services including operations concept, system requirements spec, system architecture, console and monitor wall layouts, network configuration, operations and maintenance plans, web-enabled operator optimization software, and development and integration of control systems, and web-site traffic information dissemination applications such as speed maps, travel times, video snaps, and incident information.

Systems Integration and Software Development
Our experience and capabilities in systems engineering, software and hardware development, integration, operations and maintenance separates us from the competition. Walter P Moore’s systems engineers, analysts, and programmers provide comprehensive systems engineering, integration, training, and operations support for customized and special purpose systems.