Street Smarts

Our experts are adept in all ITS technologies and solutions, including advanced transportation management systems, control center design and operations, video monitoring systems, communications engineering, systems engineering and integration, software development, and more. We serve the full range of clients both public and private, from federal, state, county, and municipal governments to airports and transportation agencies.

Advanced Transportation Management Systems

Our team plans, designs, develops, and integrates all forms of ATMS projects, including freeway and arterial management systems, electronic toll systems, integrated signalization, video surveillance, vehicle detection, incident management, motorist information, HOV and managed lanes, and automated parking guidance with space availability systems. We optimize capital investments with systems built to be operable, maintainable, cost conscious, and sustainable.

Communications Engineering

Our specialists have designed roadside communications networks for more than 30 years, always utilizing the latest leading-edge technologies. We are experts in the full range of wired and wireless systems, including Serial, T1, SONET, ATM, and Ethernet. We perform line-of-sight, frequency, radio path survey, and radio design analyses and develop regional and local network architectures and communications standards.

Control Center Design and Operations

Our services cover the full range of traffic management and operations centers projects, including concept, system requirement specs, system architecture, console and monitor wall layouts, network configuration, operations and maintenance plans, and web-enabled operator optimization software. We also develop and integrate control systems and traffic information applications such as speed maps, travel times, video snaps, and incident information.

Systems Integration and Software Development

Our ITS experts lead the industry in systems engineering, software and hardware development, and the integration of operations, maintenance, and all other systems. Our engineers, analysts, and programmers also help our clients become proficient with customized and special purpose systems through training and operations support.