Lanes of cars traveling down an feeder road next to a freeway.

Traffic, ITS, and Transportation Planning

Optimizing Mobility

The challenge of getting from here to there grows as our communities do. We help clients address mobility impacts, existing and projected. Our services create safer and more efficient travel, forging a clear lane to the future.

Our Expertise

As communities become more congested, our team helps clients clear the way with better traffic solutions, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and future-focused planning. We have partnered with commercial, institutional, industrial, and public clients to create better mobility. Our services help manage current and long-term traffic challenges, reduce overall infrastructure costs, and improve the quality of modern life.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Our ITS team designs and integrates leading transportation technologies and solutions to help the traveling public save time, money, and lives. Our engineers are known for seeing transportation issues from a higher level, allowing them to set forward-thinking priorities and create intelligent systems that serve communities for decades to come.

Traffic Design

Our traffic design specialists bring experienced creativity to design modern transportation systems that optimize the movement of people and goods, on foot and in vehicles. We provide innovation to make the complex simple in the design of intersection signalization, traffic control during events and construction, safety improvements, and roadway features like signage, striping, and illumination.

Traffic Studies

Whether planning a new project or resolving an existing issue, traffic studies provide insight to identify the best solutions. Our traffic experts simulate traffic circulation to determine how a proposed traffic system will impact its surroundings and if it can accommodate factors such as community growth, pedestrians, and service and emergency vehicles.

Transportation Planning

Activity centers that enhance the public’s experience bring various mobility modes that require specific space requirements and paths to follow. Our transportation planners are called on to assist in the conceptual planning of projects of all sizes and complexities. We work closely with architects, planners, development teams, and stakeholders to develop site and campus plans that consider all users and modes of travel. Our integrated and collaborative approach results in seamless design solutions to help create dynamic places.