Martin Augustyniak

Martin Augustyniak


Martin is a specialist in the design of membrane structures for the firm’s Façade Engineering practice. Prior to joining Walter P Moore, Martin worked for an international manufacturer that produced innovative products and engineering initiatives for roofing and façade systems on sports stadiums and arenas around the world. He developed a patented membrane product and manufacturing techniques that have become a standard in extreme climates. His expertise and thorough understanding of the product led him to work with engineering firms and clients to justify the premium cost of the product and its positive return on investment. 

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B.S, Engineering, University at Buffalo
M.S., Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

What’s your favorite way to pass time?
I love ice hockey.
What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
When I can develop and build an idea such as developing new materials to enhance building products.
Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
Their efficiency and dedication to client. Their teams place value on becoming a trend setter and demonstrate a willingness to explore different solutions.
In a word, what should your co-workers expect of you?


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