Night time view of Allianz field.

Allianz Field

Design and innovation light up an iconic MLS stadium.

Project Facts

Location St. Paul, Minnesota
Owner Minnesota United Football Club
Size 346,000 SF
Cost $150 million
Status Completed 2019
Capacity 19,000-23,000 seats


The new home of Minnesota United Football Club, this former contaminated, brownfield site now boasts an iconic piece of art and architecture for the team and state—and a world-class stadium that showcases the way structural engineering can play a vital role on the outcome of a project.

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Design concept

The design team envisioned a 360° canopy as a series of undulating curves: a unique concept that would require advanced integration and analysis between the designer and structural and enclosure engineering teams.

Unique facade

The design concept called for a facade that must be made of a material that was strong, flexible, lightweight, weathertight, transparent, and color-changing—connecting fans outside the stadium to the energy of the game inside. No such material existed on the market.

World-class facility

Lastly, the finished stadium must compete against the best, international sports venues in the world, serving as an iconic, marketable piece of art and architecture for the team and state, and a destination to any soccer fan.

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Rapid prototyping

We developed a nimble, digital workflow and documentation of the 360° roof canopy that could easily respond to changes from any contributor. This allowed the structural and architectural teams to envision and select the best structural system that expressed the design intent—in real time and in 3D.

Product development

We worked with various material suppliers to develop an entirely new product that could provide all the competing characteristics simultaneously. During the course of our work, we created a completely new Teflon®-coated woven fiber membrane.


Working together with our team of experts from across the world, we collaborated internally and externally to develop an innovative solution with a shared goal of bringing the architectural vision to life.

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Many people attending a game at Allianz Field.

Many people attending a soccer game at Allianz Field.

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A first-of-its-kind

Allianz Field is the first, large-scale installation of an innovative, clear laminated and colored PTFE Teflon® coated woven fiberglass membrane in North America. Additional projects of this nature have been slated for future work as a result.

Accurate materials estimate

Our digital workflow enabled steel fabricators to accurately predict the amount of steel required for the job in advance, facilitating production, saving time and money, and reducing waste.

Amazing fan experience

Fans enjoy one of the most intimate settings in professional sports, with the farthest seat just 125ft from the sideline. A full 360° canopy simultaneously reflects crowd noise back onto the pitch and protects 85% of the crowd from inclement weather.

Sold out stadium

Since its opening, fans, media, and the team have raved about the stadium, boasting a sold-out inagural season and hosting the United States Women’s and Men’s National Soccer Teams.

Passion Project: Allianz Field

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Long open hallway and view of grand stands at Allianz Field.

View of roof canopy at Allianz Field.

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