WPM Engineering Brands New Office Space in Lower Manhattan

26 October 2017
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WPM Engineering, DPC, an affiliate of Walter P Moore located in New York City, recently made the move to 180 Maiden in Lower Manhattan.

The move represents the growth and overall success the practice has had in the New York market. Within 18 months, the firm has increased their staff of three to 15. Managing Director Erik Verboon explains, “We are all working together to support a growing portfolio of local work as well as supporting other Walter P Moore offices on larger projects. Having our own space gives us an identity in New York.”

The firm’s previous office space required the rental of a shared workspace and although it provided flexible seating options, proved to be challenging in other ways. “Our business plan indicated a growth plan that would warrant our own space within the first two years,” says Verboon. “While leasing our own space comes with a commitment and lack of flexibility that a shared workspace has, we were lucky to find a space that met our budget while giving us the flexibility for future growth and the ability to brand our space.” The new space allows WPM Engineering to grow to up to 26 people and for us to comfortably host project and client meetings, have internal office events, and proudly display signature work. “[It] will also provide the flexibility for teams to collaborate through multiple break-out spaces, meeting rooms, and lounges,” adds Verboon.

IT and Facilities Planning utilizing new meeting space

The move caused minimal disruption to the office’s productivity. Facilities Planner Connie Mackenzie and our IT department worked hand-in-hand to make the move as quick and interference-free as possible. 

The new location not only provides favorable amenities to employees, but is also extremely convenient for clients. The office is a minute’s walk from four subway lines, the New Jersey PATH train, and the ferry. The building plaza also contains a Citi Bike stand. “These make travel to and from the office for both clients and staff very easy,” says Verboon. “Furthermore, a number of clients have moved or are moving to this area, giving us the ability to quickly walk to their offices as well.” Now armed with additional space, the team is able to provide ample seating for client meetings and increased access to technology such as their dedicated virtual reality room.

Digital Practice Leader Gustav Fagerström


Picturesque all on its own, 180 Maiden Lane is an iconic part of the East River waterfront, providing easy access to local hotspots such as South Street Seaport, Stone Street, and Pier 17. Additionally, the building features a fitness center, café, food court, and a conference center that can be rented for events.


WPM Engineering, DPC is a New York-based engineering and consulting firm providing a full suite of services. They are a diverse, globally experienced team of engineers, designers, and architects focused on the design and lifelong stewardship of complex, high-performance structures and infrastructure. Although separate companies, WPM Engineering and Walter P Moore work closely to leverage collective knowledge and deliver projects using innovative digital workflow processes. 


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