Toronto city skyline under full moon by Dave Xu

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto is remembered for its iconic 116-story-high CN Tower and is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. A world leader in business, technology, finance, and culture, this dynamic metropolis of endless discoveries hosts 400-acre High Park and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Toronto Office

Our team culture embodies a dynamic fusion of passion, innovation, and diversity. We thrive on challenges, viewing them as opportunities to excel and create without constraints. With a multicultural workforce, we benefit from a rich array of perspectives, ensuring our solutions possess global relevance. We deliver exceptional results characterized by sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility through our unwavering client focus. Camaraderie and shared experiences are integral both within and beyond the office. We engage in barbecues, food-tasting tours, friendly bowling competitions, and collaborative escape room adventures. These endeavors strengthen our team and contribute to a harmonious work-life balance, enhancing our overall professional effectiveness.

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Enclosure Project Manager - Diagnostics