BMO Field Expansion Roof Erection Support


City of Toronto


Construction Cost
$55 million

Completion Date

Project Size
Roof is 3,600 tons
of Structural Steel

BMO Field Expansion Roof Erection Support


Toronto Football Club’s redesigned home field is a vast improvement on the original design. With its expanded seating capacity and iconic roof, the field is a fitting home to the premier Major League Soccer club.

As construction began, the design team quickly discovered additional planning would be required to construct the ambitious roof as its sections would behave radically different as individual pieces during construction than they were designed to as a cohesive whole after construction completed.

Walter P Moore designed a series of shoring towers (the blue/green towers above) and jacking frames (bottom right image) to minimize the effect of load reversals throughout construction. These extra supports along with our careful sequencing of jacking and deshoring allowed for a reduction in the amount of extra roof steel (white in the photo and purple in the renderings above) that would have been required to mitigate these temporary, construction conditions.

Walter P Moore provided a full set of integrated steel services: erection engineering, connection design, modeling for fabrication and shop drawings. This integrated workflow allowed for clear communication among team members thus minimizing waste.