Mark Williams

Senior Principal

Practice Areas

Mark is Managing Director of the Diagnostics Group in the Houston office and is the Practice Leader for Restoration and Renovation. As Chair of the Project Management Committee, he is intimately involved in ensuring all projects are managed and produced efficiently. Mark is a licensed professional engineer in Texas plus 11 other states and Canada. He is also a Model Law Structural Engineer, National Highway Institute Certified Bridge Inspector, and Certified Fracture Critical Bridge Inspector.


With 14 years of experience in structural engineering analysis, design, and management, as well as engineering software research and development, Mark has worked on award-winning projects around the country involving bridge assessments and forensic studies.


B.S., Structures and Foundations, Civil Engineering, University of Central Florida
M.S., Structures and Foundations, Civil Engineering, University of Central Florida
PhD, University of Florida


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  • Managing Premature Concrete Deterioration in Bridges, Proceedings of the 2009 ASCE Structures Congress, June 2009, co-authored with D. Choudhuri

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