Helix on Main parking structure renovation facade illuminated at night with multi-color lights.

Parking Restoration

Extending Life

We help parking garage owners and operators identify, prioritize, and address maintenance, repair and upgrade issues, so they can build more value into their properties and serve their visitors more efficiently and safely.

Our Expertise

Our team helps clients extend the service life of their parking structures in the face of harsh weather, heavy use, and seismic forces. We develop custom restoration plans that address the full range of deterioration and safety factors, from water infiltration to structural and performance deficiencies. Our experts employ advanced analytics and technologies to help clients restore their assets and monitor their condition into the future.

Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP)

A well-designed CAMP sets up smart repair and maintenance strategies, so you can manage your multimillion-dollar assets for optimal life and financial returns over the long term. Utilizing lifecycle cost analysis, our CAMPs are custom designed to allow you to manage risks and predict costs over the service life of your structures, so you can be prepared for future issues and expenditures.

Durability and Lifecycle Analysis

A key element of our Capital Asset Management Plans is the Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCCA), which illuminates the various elements that can impact long-term service life and costs. Our advanced analysis tools and expertise in design, materials, waterproofing, corrosion prevention, and repairs allow us to evaluate structural performance under all expected conditions and recommend improvements to bolster durability and extend facility lifespan.

Parking Assessment and Repair

Our services encompass all aspects of a parking facility, including building enclosure, corrosion, material deterioration, and structural distress. Our assessments can be triggered by events like moisture intrusion or damage, or by operational needs, such as due diligence investigations or facilities repurposing. Often, we review original design documents and perform nondestructive and materials testing to enhance our assessments.