2000 Ross Avenue Garage


Stream Realty


Services Provided
Parking Consulting

Project Details
Construction Cost: $58 million
Completion Date: Fall 2018
Project Size: 2,091 spaces 9 levels

2020 Texas Society of Architects
Annual Design Awards Winner

2000 Ross Avenue Garage


Dallasites will enjoy a full block, about 2.6 acres, 26,000 SF of ground floor retail space including restaurants and shopping with parking above. This cast-in-place, post tensioned garage will not only serve as parking for Trammell Crow Center but also for night goers of the many restaurants, for the future 200 key upscale -lifestyle boutique hotel as well as for the future 400 unit high-rise residential tower.  By adding this much needed parking and dining opportunity, 2000 Ross gives the Art District an opportunity to turn the downtown hustle and bustle into a successful day and night destination.

The garage is a four bay, central double helix with fat bays on both sides. This design cuts the number of turns to top of the garage in half which increases the level of service. The floor to ceiling heights were designed at 23’-4” for the first floor for a maximum leasable retail area and 11’-2” on the second floor to meet ADA van requirements. All other levels are at 10’-0” to provide a comfortable parking experience while minimizing cost. The structural system is a cast in place system to maximize clear heights while providing an open garage experience to  improve wayfinding. 

The garage was designed to incorporate the look of the future hotel and residential tower into the project without having to make changes, as such the skin changes to make it appear as one continuous tower above the podium parking garage.