Allen Parkway Improvements


Downtown Redevelopment Authority

Allen Parkway Improvements


Walter P Moore provided transportation and traffic services for schematic plans and PS&E of Allen Parkway between Montrose Boulevard and downtown Houston, approximately 1.2 miles. Several physical roadway modifications were designed to improve overall mobility. The roadway has three lanes in each direction with turn bays at major intersections. East of Montrose, the lanes were shifted south and the former frontage road is now being used as part of the main lanes. The improvements east of Stanford allow for the construction of angled parking against Buffalo Bayou Park. Approximately 160 parking spaces were added to serve the park. The pavement east of Montrose received pavement spot repairs and an asphalt overlay to improve the driving surface. The interchange at IH 45 was improved to provide better ramp access and queuing as part of the improvements.

The project design included fully signalized intersections at Dunlavy, Gillette, and Taft, and a new pedestrian-only signal at Park Vista. Several lateral street intersections were re-aligned at Allen Parkway and new signaIs were installed. A bridge was constructed on the west side of Waugh Drive to allow eastbound traffic to U-turn, complementing the existing U-turn bridge east of Waugh Drive. Additional trees, landscaping, and lighting were provided along Allen Parkway to improve the overall aesthetics of the corridor. Re-alignment of a shared-use path that crosses under IH 45 was provided to improve safety related to park access.