The underside of two elevated roadway bridges, crossing over one another and a roadway below. The centrally-features concrete support shows many cracks that have been filled with an epoxy injection.

Beltway 8 Tollway Bridge Repair

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Project Facts

Location Houston, Texas
Owner Harris County Toll Road Authority


The Sam Houston Tollway Bridge and its direct connectors are crucial conduits for traffic to and from Downtown Houston. The toll road was originally constructed between 1985 and 1990, and surface cracks had began to develop along this aging stretch. Our team was entrusted with the responsibility to design and implement repairs that not only address the current issues but also enhance the long-term resilience and durability of these vital transportation links.

About the project

The Sam Houston Tollway Bridge and its connectors to US Highway 290 constitute a busy segment of the toll road locally known as “Beltway 8.” They provide an entry and exit to this efficient loop that carries traffic into Houston from the metropolitan neighborhoods that encircles the city. This section of the bridge exhibited diverse cracking patterns across its concrete elements. In response to this issue, our team conducted comprehensive material testing and nondestructive testing to thoroughly examine potential causes and assess the implications of the structural weakening.

Upon analyzing the investigation findings, our team devised a set of repair strategies aimed at addressing severe premature concrete deterioration. These measures included the application of crack fillers, the use of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites, and the implementation of coatings for the concrete bent columns. In instances of less severe premature concrete deterioration observed on certain beams, the recommended solution involved the application of concrete-penetrating sealers.