A light beige building with two levels of windows above the ground floor, featuring a covered walkway, stands behind a bustling college street crossing. Two large palm trees adorn the left side of the scene as students walk by.

CBU Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering

Designing for strength and beauty

Project Facts

Location Riverside, California
Owner California Baptist University
Size 100,000 SF
Cost $40 million
Status Completed 2018


Using a special steel moment frame with ConXTech connections, construction on the new College of Engineering building at California Baptist University was executed both quickly and safely. This innovative structural system allowed our team to work in efficient sequences, ensuring the building’s structural integrity while adding value to the overall design and project execution.

A crowd of students walks past a glass-enclosed structure situated between two tan-colored buildings with an iron gate.

A close-up of a dark six-paned window from the exterior, offering a glimpse into an engineering class in session.

The interior of the engineering building, featuring two levels. The upper level provides an overview of the central area, where students engage in various activities amidst seating arrangements.

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About the project

Our team provided structural engineering services for the new College of Engineering building at California Baptist University (CBU). The new building is approximately 100,000 square feet, consisting of three stories plus an occupied roof. The new building, dedicated in July 2018, includes several classrooms and labs, a 200-seat lecture hall, a café and lounge, several conference rooms, faculty offices, and a rooftop solar lab. The project also includes a new Campus Central Plant.

This building is an important addition to the growing CBU campus and houses a variety of emerging research and teaching activities for the College of Engineering. To facilitate a speedy and efficient erection sequence during construction, we utilized a special steel moment frame with ConXTech connections for the building’s lateral system. This pivotal work was recognized by both the owner and general contractor as adding value to the design and the project as a whole.