King Abdullah University for Science and Technology view from reflecting pond at dusk.


Higher learning

We elevate educational experiences on campuses coast to coast through a deep understanding of academia’s inner workings. Progressive institutions tap our talents to develop facilities that are forging the future of learning.

Our expertise

Advanced classrooms, technical labs, modern housing, utilities, parking systems, rec centers—we are reimagining teaching, learning, and student life experiences. Through close collaboration with administrators, architects, contractors, and capital program groups we create built environments that achieve the institution’s vision and its needs for budget and schedule assurance, flexibility, longevity, and minimal disruption.

Our difference

Pursuing the client’s educational mission is our guiding inspiration. Always. That means we engineer something much greater than buildings and facilities. We heighten campus aesthetics, national reputations, and capacities for future growth. We understand the systems, processes, and decision layers unique to academia and how to build the relationships and best practices to deliver success in the face of these complexities. We know education is evolving like never before, and we are innovating at the forefront.