A multi-story, horseshoe-shaped building with light-colored exterior walls, featuring an American flag and a circular courtyard adorned with trees. A man walks on the sidewalk in front of the building.

Christopher S. Bond United States Courthouse

Designing for seismic resilience

Project Facts

Location Jefferson City, Missouri
Owner U. S. General Services Administration
Size 118,000 SF
Cost $48 million
Status Completed 2011


Our team provided structural engineering services for the new United States Courthouse in Jefferson City, Missouri, a $48 million facility that houses courtrooms and administrative spaces. The project was designed in metric, and incorporates advanced criteria like progressive collapse and blast considerations.

About the project

Situated on a site with a Seismic Classification of “D,” the facility now serves as the home of the U.S. Courts family in Jefferson City, part of the 8th Circuit Court in the Western District of Missouri. The courthouse accommodates two district courtrooms, two magistrate courtrooms, a bankruptcy chamber, and facilities for the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Attorney, Probation, and Pretrial Services, as well as space for GSA and local congressional offices.