The Comcast headquarters building towers nine stories over Truist Park, with glass windows from bottom to top and a covered rooftop enclosure.

Comcast Office Third Party Enclosure Review

Strategic design and oversight

Project Facts

Location Atlanta, Georgia
Owner Braves Real Estate Development


The enclosure and waterproofing for the new 255,000 square foot Comcast Office Building, a nine-story regional headquarters adjacent to Truist Park, required expert design and construction oversight. Our team not only reviewed architectural design drawings and specifications for both the office building and the plaza deck, but actively assisted in detail development, ensuring every aspect of the project moved along with the foresight to address challenges before they presented.

About the project

At the heart of The Battery Atlanta, the Atlanta Braves’ new home, Truist Park, takes center stage in a vibrant 60-acre mixed-use development. This dynamic project boasts not only a baseball stadium but also a mixed-use blend of apartments, offices, and restaurants. Among them, the Comcast Office Building is a nine-story regional headquarters, spanning 255,000 square feet adjacent to the stadium.

During construction, we analyzed submittals, and made periodic field visits, addressing RFIs (Requests for Information) to ensure that the rhythm of the project remained on track.

Our team identified critical junctures in construction where water intrusion risks heighten due to complexity. Armed with this foresight, we recommend field quality control testing—an added layer of protection against potential challenges. The witnessed field performance testing becomes a spotlight, revealing discrepancies and areas of faulty construction that demand our immediate attention. Our team served as more than consultants, we were active in ensuring every facet of the project unfolded with precision and foresight.