Connecticut Convention Center


Capital City Economic Development Authority/City of Hartford


Size: 540,000 SF

Height: 10 storie

Parking: 2,600 spaces / 8 levels

Architect: TVS Design

Connecticut Convention Center


Overlooking the Connecticut River, the Connecticut Convention Center is the largest convention facility between New York and Boston. It is the most important component in the Adriaen’s Landing development that has revitalized downtown Hartford’s waterfront. The facility is home to a massive ballroom and flexible meeting room spaces above the exhibition hall. 

As structural engineer for the stacked exhibition space and ballroom, Walter P Moore performed state-of-the-art vibration analysis before selecting a two-way truss floor system. This system provides increased stiffness to dampen vibration, ensuring that the ballroom can accommodate dancing, aerobics and other intense rhythmic guest activities without creating objectionable floor vibrations. 

We also structured a grand vaulted concourse that offers patrons impressive vistas of the Connecticut River and downtown skyline.