Country Club Twin Towers


Desarollo Bahia


180 meters tall

Country Club Twin Towers

Panama City

The initial structural design of these two 180m tall concrete frame high end residential towers was provided by a local Panamanian structural engineer. During construction of the first tower, the developer retained Walter P Moore to conduct a structural peer review of the lateral load resisting systems for both towers. Walter P Moore determined that some strengthening of the lateral system was needed to conform to current code requirements and identified a number of optimization strategies that would result in cost savings. Walter P Moore was then retained by the developer to redesign the lateral system for both towers. By reconfiguring and re-detailing the core wall configuration, Walter P Moore significantly improved the overall stability of towers and structural efficiency for a net savings of over 300 tons of reinforcing steel, saving the developer over $350,000.  The first tower is completed and construction of the second tower has not started.