View of Market Square Tower from high above in the sky showing the skyline of Houston as well as the cantilevered pool deck of the tower.

Tall Buildings

Soaring ambitions

As urban density intensifies, we help clients create vast open spaces to work, live, and play by rising skyward. We partner with them to imagine greatness during design, so they can build magnificent structures that grace the modern skyline.


The tall building market continues to thrive, both in the U.S. and around the world. Predominant structural materials for tall buildings being built around the world are composite (steel and concrete) and all-concrete, although the use of timber as a major structural element in towers is quickly gaining traction. Walter P Moore has significant experience designing a myriad of tall building structural systems, including outrigger-braced cores with and without belt trusses, diagrids, and tube systems. By leveraging sophisticated parametric modeling techniques, we work in real-time with our clients to provide design options and ultimately identify optimal structural solutions.


Our approach to the structural design of tall buildings is fundamentally based on our partnership with the architect. The optimal structural design often lies somewhere in between the architectural vision, efficient structural design, and local construction practices and materials. Accordingly, we recognize, embrace, and actively pursue the opportunity to collaborate with both clients and builders as early and as often as possible during the design phase. We understand and appropriately address key tall building issues ranging from performance-based design to an optimal structural core layout.