DFW Terminal D Garage


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport


Parking: 8,100 spaces

Levels: 8

DFW Terminal D Garage

Dallas/Fort Worth

For passengers departing from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), parking is now quicker, easier and smarter than ever. To support an ever-expanding international airport, the new Smart Garage supports the development of DFW’s infrastructure and allows up to 8,100 cars to park throughout eight levels that is connected to Terminal D by elevated, moving pedestrian walkways. With the addition of this new parking structure, DFW has the largest on-site parking capacity of any airport in the world totaling more than 40,000 spaces.

The Smart Garage Technology System installed in the garage is designed to direct passengers to available spaces thereby reducing time spent searching for an open space. The system integrates a series of count stations that tracks vehicles and open spaces throughout the garage. Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) display available space information to the user.

Each level is marked with a Texas-native wildflower and a corresponding color scheme to help passengers remember where they parked. In addition, special pull tags are placed by the entry for passengers to take so they can easily locate their vehicle after a long trip.