Garage Roof Level Assessment and Waterproofing Study


University of Kansas Medical Center


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Garage Roof Level Assessment and Waterproofing Study

Kansas City

Parking garage P5 is a six-level, precast concrete parking garage built in 2017 on the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) campus. After two years in service, the garage remained in good condition overall but the roof level began experiencing leaks.

Walter P Moore assessed the leak condition and provided opinion for the cause of the premature water intrusion. We performed an onsite assessment during a rain event to understand the nature and location of the reported leaks. We discovered the leaks were mainly sourced near joint sealants and cove sealants on the roof level. The roof-level joint sealant profile did not conform to parking garage industry standards, leading to premature failure. Similarly, we noticed poor workmanship in the cove sealants that caused premature leaking as well.

We reviewed construction documents provided to us by KUMC, discovering that the faulty joint profile was not included in the construction documents. Our final report to KUMC sparked a discussion with the design team and the contractor to rectify the observed premature joint sealant failures.